The 6 Week Retreat


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*Our App is used to support the 6 Week Retreat. Available on Apple and Android devices.

Program Start:

    The fully refundable 6 Week Retreat is an exclusive application only program,

    Designed specifically for people who have relapsed after using ineffective training plans, fad diets, and supplements that couldn't deliver. Join me as I strip back unhealthy habits, revitalise your lost confidence, and remove up to 12lbs of unwanted fat. You're about to become self sufficient and finally feel sexy again.

    • 6 weeks of gym/home based video guided workouts, (3-5 per week) built to progressively overload.
    • Nutritional course, and ongoing coaching to create a sustainable non-restrictive calorie deficit.
    • Access to your dedicated coach to assist you every step of the program, live chat feature in App.
    • Accountability and ongoing support from your own coach. 
    • Before and After photos.
    • Weekly results tracking in App using our interactive tracker.
    • Fun and comfort zone destroying challenges to supercharge your confidence.
    • Lose 8-12lbs of unwanted weight.
    • Regain lost body confidence.
    • Finally feel sexy again.
    • Learn all the skills you need to become self-sufficient.

    You can easily earn your entire investment back!

    On this occasion only the 6 week retreat is offered at the discounted price. Your investment is returned in full once the below criteria is met. This offer is designed to ensure you're held accountable to your journey, and the end result is both a fantastic result for you the participant, and an inspiring testimonial for future clients.

    Follow these simple steps:

    1. You must weigh-in once each week using the tracker in App. (Fluctuations in menstrual cycles will be taken into consideration, see menstrual cycle eBook in App).
    2. You must have lost at least 4lbs by week 5. (In total you must have successfully lost 8-12lbs).
    3. You must be able to provide a before and after picture to inspire the next group of participants. (you can remove your head if you wish).
    4. You must track your nutrition using My Fitness Pal for the 6 week period. (no more than 3 consecutive days can be missed).
    5. In order to return your investment, you must provide a written review and a 30-second video testimonial. (Within 3 days of completing the program).

    Invite a friend. We work better with people we like... Simply have them mention your name in their application.


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