The Confidence Continuum

Your continuum may currently look something like this. To find 100% happiness in one area will often result in compromise in another. Allowing yourself to become obsessive over happiness in a single area in your life will throw off the balance of your continuum.


Ultimately you will have to make sacrifices in one of these areas to facilitate success/change in another. It is up to you to make an assessment on what areas you're willing to make these changes. For example pursuing a physical goal would likely mean more time in the gym, which will mean less time available to socialise. Or socialise at the gym, and involve friends. These small compromises are what will make you feel successful when you do reach your goal. Image for a moment a work hungry woman, pursuing financial goals and career success. She sacrifices a lot of social time, puts up with unnecessary stress at work, and consequently her emotional health suffers. she may get her promotion, but happiness will be short lived until the damaged areas of her life are improved to what she deems an acceptable standard. The same applies to you regardless of your goal, physical or not.

Your social confidence stems from your ability to communicate with friends and family. How much time you give the important people in your life, and how supportive they are of you and your dreams. Does your immediate friendship group laugh when you say you want to lose weight, or are they encouraging?

It's important to assess your social groups and decide whether some interactions are bad for your mentality, or if you value them. Unfortunately it is often the people closest to us that like to see us fail, as our efforts remind them that they aren't doing anything about their own goals.

We consider your social health one of the most important aspects of this continuum, and yet it's almost always the first to be sacrificed in the pursuit of a physical goal.

Knowledge is power. Do you have enough information and support to achieve your goals, perform at work, travel? if not where can you get it?

Fortunately as a client you have everything at your finger tips for your goal, including sliding into my DMs. So it's up to you to take advantage of that.

Don't be a sponge and just absorb knowledge, you can waste years like that. Use it! Take action as soon as you have confidence in your ability.

Intellectual confidence is one of the easiest things to be successful in these days with information readily available on the internet. Filtering through it is another matter entirely however.

Your ability to make money, progress in your career, and pay bills on time.

You will find confidence in this area ironically comes from spending money, whether that be the cost of some gym equipment to improve your health focus, and performance at work, or hiring a business mentor to get your start up off the ground. Regardless, you will find feeling sexy, feeling confident, will translate to amazing financial success should you choose to apply your new energy in this area.

Physical confidence comes from looking in the mirror and feeling 'wow'. A feeling I truly want you all to experience every morning without fail.

It may also come from how strong you feel, or even simpler things such as being able to play with the little ones for longer, or more endurance in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

A physical transformation is likely the reason you're here, and we wont disappoint. But realistic sacrifice elsewhere is almost always necessary. Realistic being the key word! If its not a sustainable process then whats the point right?

Your emotional confidence is a complex area, and a broad topic.

It can be broken down to the following key areas:

Express your feelings - be capable of talking about how you feel, and do not be ashamed or afraid to do so. Everyone understand how you feel, we can all empathise.

Notice what in your life makes you feel - Sadness, frustration, or anger. Try to change or understand your triggers.

Manage stress. - Work, relationships, social life. Stress can inhibit your progress in every aspect of life. Meditation, and stress management is critical to overall health.

Find purpose - Having clear goals and taking action on whats important to you. Spend time on meaningful interactions, and aim to improve yourself a little bit each day.

Positive vibes - Surround yourself with good energy, focus on the positive aspects of situations you're thrown into. Easier said than done of course.

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