How It Changed Me…

“The 10 Day Challenge I created wasn’t just designed to help others. It was to help me.”

I’d never put out content I hadn’t tried myself. Juicy Booty took 3 run throughs and over 6 months to perfect. The Orgy has taken me 8 months to code and release.

‘The Challenge’ is no different.

I selected 10 key elements of fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching that I knew if made habitual would accelerate me to new heights.

Here’s how it helped me:


Day 1-3

Reestablishing my calorie target was essential after so long not tracking. And there’s no problem that can’t be fixed with a tall glass of water and retrospective thought. My energy immediately changed. There is always room for error of course, calorie trackers aren’t amazingly accurate, and life happens. But the first fundamental steps in this challenge are easy habits to uphold with immediate results.


Day 4-6

I was a bit ahead of the curve on this one, I already knew my macro goals, I’ve had these personalised to my needs and pleasure for some time, but there was no doubt an area of my diet needed improving. I ended up removing diary, not something I’d recommend to everyone. But for me, a necessity! At this point I immediately saw a spike in energy, and the missus felt it too…


Day 7-10

These are the most interesting days of the challenge. Especially the social aspect of it all. Daunting at first, but I find my best self is an out going one, or at least a version of myself that speaks my mind and holds strong on my opinion. I’ve even made some new friends since! (Woo!) Day 8 + 9 really spoke to me too. Even as a coach I need to keep myself accountable. Having that in place has been life changing ever since.


Can I promise you’ll enjoy all of these challenges? No of course not. But I know a few of them will get your motor running at least, and so far a commitment to them all has genuinely seen lives changed. Mine included.


I hope it’s helped / helps you all in some way shape or form. And if that’s possible from reading a 30 second email every day for 10 days, imagine what you can do with the rest of your time!

Remember time is all we have. Don’t waste it.


Stay Sexy



Andy Hedley