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Knowledge isn’t fun unless it’s shared? The E-Books you find on this page are updated periodically on various topics. So keep an eye out for one that may just give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve and exceed your goals!…

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The 6 Week Retreat

*Our App is used to support the 6 Week Retreat. Available on Apple and Android devices. The fully refundable 6...

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Progress Tracker

An interactive PDF that works from your phone. Use this to monitor your progress with goal specific exercises. A sure...

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Juicy Booty

Juicy Booty is a revolutionary 8 week booty building programme that guarantees big results! Trialled and tested under rigours conditions you'll find everything you'll ever need to build a juicy peach whilst still progressing in other areas of our body. Your diet, mindset, and training are covered for you in an in-depth easily understood guide packed with content and video demonstrations to ensure you not only succeed with our support, but well into the future too! Juicy Booty will change how you look at your body forever, and you'll love that just as much as we enjoy admiring your progress! #mebutjuicy

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